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It all started with two good old buddies: Sébastien Racine and Julien Rhéaume. With more than fifteen years of playing music together, the duet came across many genres and musicians to complete the different bands they had throughout the years. Firstly ”One in All” playing punk-rock covers and then ”Adrenaline” playing melodic metal, in both cases Seb on lead guitar and Jul on vocals and rythm guitar. Many years went by and now ”Witness the Calling”, the math-core metal band is born.

Eventually they finally found their bass player Dominic Simard and drummer Gabriel Savard

to complete the duo when Jul joined “Mystery Jack” (now called “The Babyface Nelsons”) a few years later.

The band draws most of its inspiration from bands such as Meshuggah, but also by Mudvayne, Converge and Killswitch Engage. In December 2014, “Witness the Calling” released “EP 2014”, their first two track EP recorded DIY and mixed/mastered by Antoine Baril at Hemisphere Studio. It is available for free download on Bandcamp.